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Some Common Questions:

Will I ever be married or have children? How do the hands show my future?
The hands can show the current patterns of influence and the probable outcomes, but the hand DO NOT predict THE future. (The lines can change over time.)
That said, the line(s) of marriage shows the strong emotional/romantic bonds with others. The line of marriage is a small horizontal line that appears at the side of the hand, below the baby finger and above the line of heart.
The lines representing children are small vertical lines rising up past the line of marriage. These lines show strong parenting/mentoring bonds. (Elementary school teachers often have many lines of children, with most of these lines relating to their favorite students.)
If you haven't already seen it, I'd recommend taking a look at the layman's guide. This will get you started on how to read your own hands.

How did the thumb get its name? How did the pinkie finger get its name?
"Thumb" has the same root as "thigh". ("Thumb - Thick finger akin to a thigh.") ("Thumb - Flea crushing fingers.")
The pinky gets its name from the Dutch word "pinkje". "Pink" literally translates as "pink", and the ending "je" is like the English "y" or "ie". Pinkje means "little finger" or "cute little finger" in Dutch.

Are the prints on a person's palms the same on each hand or are they different? What if a child has one hand like each parent?
The prints on a person's left and right palms are normally similar, but with a few distinct differences. Some people have 2 palms that are quite different in line placement (especially those with the Simian Line formation, where the lines of head and heart form one single line -
The non-dominant hand can be considered to show the natural talents and personality traits, while the dominant hand shows where the individual makes changes to their life path (for better or worse). A child's personality can start off similar to one parent (non-dominant hand), then grow to become more like the other parent (dominant hand).

Does a short life line represent a short life? Have you ever seen an old person with a short life line?
A short life line could represent a short life ending with a complete dissipation of the life force, but in most cases another line "takes over" in its place. (The fate and mars lines are the most common). An abnormally short line of life must also be confirmed on both hands to denote a short life span. I have read the hands of many elderly people with short life lines.

Why do some people just seem to be naturally adept at palmistry? Can a person be born with the ability to read hands?
Each person has their own unique talents, strengths and weaknesses. Some people have a natural aptitude for verbal language, some for the language of mathematics, and others for the language of music. The hands also speak their own "language" - Some people have a natural ability to understand these flows of energy through the hands.
Other philosophies include:
Reincarnation - You learned palmistry in a past life.
Guides - Personal "angels" that provide you with information and guidance.
Predestination - There is no free will and you are simply doing what you must.
Inherited ability - "It's in the blood".
Skepticism - It's nothing more than chance coincidence.
There are many other philosophies as well, each with their own answer. Essentially, you will come to your own conclusions as you progress on your path.
Enjoy the Journey!

Can genetic abnormalities be determined from the dermatoglyphics? Is Down's Syndrome identified by ulnar loops on all fingerprints (L32/32)?
I firmly believe that many (but not all) genetic "diseases" are shown by a combination of dermatoglyphic patterns. (Some fingerprint combinations apparently have less chance for survival to reproduction, thus the rare occurrance of these combinations.) The rare fingerprint combinations shown on the formula and charts are almost certain to indicate genetic variations that would be considered "diseases" by modern health.
From what I have seen, the hands show Down's syndrome more on the major lines than on the dermatoglyphics. This would indicate that the condition is caused more by environmental factors than genetic. The fingerprints of Down's syndrome patients come in many combinations - the L32/32 is a very common print pattern, and does not indicate any additional risk factors.

Can you give an outline or information for my child's science project on "Who has bigger hands - Boys or girls?".
Who's hand are bigger, boys or girls:
- Best done as a statistical study, with at least 20 boys and 20 girls.
- Measure the length of the hands from wrist to middle fingertip, and also the hand width.
- Find the average length for boys and for girls (add the lengths together, then divide by the number of people).
- When measuring the hands, also record each person's height and weight.
- How does the hand size compare to the person's height?
- How does the hand size compare to the person's weight?
- What was the length and width of the largest hand found?
- Was the largest hand on a boy or girl?
- What was the length and width of the smallest hand found?
- Was the smallest hand on a boy or girl?
- Can you be absolutely certain that one sex always has larger hands on average than the other sex?
- Charts and graphs work very well in displaying the results.
A child in grade 7 or above should be able to do the project with little or no assistance. Younger children may need some help with the math or making graphs.

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