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Holistic Cheirology™ is a certification program covering all the basics of palmistry, hand analysis, finger movements, hand positions, palmar massage techniques and even meditation practices.

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Handy Articles and Reviews

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Articles by Kenneth Lagerstrom

Baby Sign Language
A review of using hand sign language for infants.
March 26, 2005.

Common Fingernail Problems
13 of the most common fingernail problems and what they mean to your health.
September 27, 2006.

Compatibility Reading and Relationship Analysis
Relationship analysis and love reading by checking the compatibility of the fingerprints. Index fingerprints.
November 13, 2006.

Diabetes Warning Sign on the Hands
A small set of lines that can be a common warning sign for diabetes.
October 11, 2006.

Dispensation of Dermatoglyphic Whorls
An examination of fingerprint combinations, and the possibility of using the fingerprints as a method of diagnosing genetic defects.
September 24, 1999.

Election 2006 - Interpreting the Party Leaders' Hand Movements
An analysis of the party leaders' hand movements during their speeches and debates.
December 12, 2005.

Finger and Knuckle Names
Anatomy and hand analysis have different names for parts of the hand. Here are the common, anatomical, and hand analysis names for the fingers and knuckles.
December 2, 2005.

The Forer Effect
One of the main reasons that hand analysis is not examined more closely by modern science.
August 7, 2005.

Free Palm Readings
It's not as easy as you might think to find a palm reading free. Here's a few that are available.
September 10, 2005.

Hand of a Thousand Bells
A technique of projecting internal energy through the hands.
August 12, 2005.

Hand Transplant Options
A look at the different hand transplant options available.
November 29, 2000.

Healing Hands
What is "Healing Hands" and how does it work?
October 3, 2006.

Heart Disease Warning Signs on the Hands
Fingernail conditions and line of heart appearances that can be warning signs for heart disease.
December 19, 2006.

High Rate of Double Loops Among Foster Parents
A look at the high ratio of double whorl fingerprints among foster parents.
December 4, 2006.

How to Find a Qualified Palm Reader (and Spot the Fakes)
Top warning signs that you might be dealing with an outright fake.
November 19, 2000.

Making Fingerprints
An easy method of making a nice, clean set of fingerprints. A good science project for kids, or to make a copy of your baby's fingerprints.
September 3, 2005.

Online Psychic
How to select an online psychic, and some things to watch out for.
October 24, 2006.

Osteoporosis Warning Signs on the Hands
Common fingernail conditions that could warn of osteoporosis.
October 16, 2006.

Palmistry Myths
Correcting the top 10 palm reading superstitions and errors.
October 13, 2005.

The Phoenix Logo
A description of the Phoenix Logo and its component parts.

A Review of PalmTherapy
A brief look at Dr. Moshe Zwang's "PalmTherapy" system, which combines hand analysis and palmar massage.
November 29, 2000.

The Simian Line
When the lines of head and heart run together it is known as the Simian Line, and reveals an incredibly intense personality.
November 9, 2000.

Sleight of Hand
My first hand-related subject, and some great close up magicians in Vancouver.
October 21, 2006.

Working as a Professional Cheirologist
It's a bit different every day, but this gives you an idea of my "typical" workday.
August 6, 2005.

Articles by Other Authors

The Benham Book of Palmistry - by Barbara Bamberger Scott
A review of the classic palmistry how to book.
Added: February 28, 2007.

Hand Me a Dream - by David L. Kahn
The meaning of hands in dreams, and observing your hands as a method for lucid dreaming.
Added: February 21, 2008.

Hand Movements - by Elizabeth Poitras
Written by a student of the Holistic Cheirology certification course.
Added: September 6, 2005.

Horned Hand - The Satanic Sign - by Subhabrata Das
An examination of the hand position commonly considered to be a sign for the Devil.
Added: October 4, 2008.

An Open Mind and Common Sense - by Casper
Common divination methods to approach with an open mind, but also with common sense.
Added: December 12, 2006.

Psychics and Foretelling: The Power of Our Minds - by TJ Denton
Are psychics able to harness a small part of what the human mind is capable of, or is foretelling just a far-fetched idea?
Added: December 11, 2006.

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